No Fear

If you’re like most men who are finished having children, you’ve probably at least considered getting a vasectomy.  After all, vasectomies are incredibly effective, simple and inexpensive, and can even be sex- life- changing…in a good way, of course. So why haven’t you scheduled your procedure yet?

If you’re like a lot of men, the answer is probably fear.

The idea of surgery – even minor, safe surgery – on your most private and personal of areas can be more than a little unsettling.  What if the doctor slips?  What if something goes wrong?  Will it hurt?  That’s why the no-scalpel vasectomy is such an exciting development.

What’s a no-scalpel vasectomy?  It’s actually pretty simple to explain.

There used to be only one way to perform a vasectomy, the conventional vasectomy.  This required a surgical incision to enter the scrotum, and stitches or sutures to close the wound.  And of course, the standard recovery that accompanies that type of surgery. Was it a simple procedure? Absolutely, but it was quite a lot of trauma to a man’s most sensitive area.  The no-scalpel vasectomy is radically different.  It requires only a simple puncture to gain access to the vas deferens, then snip, clip and done. No incision and no stitches!  You’ll be given a local anesthetic beforehand so the procedure is even less likely to be uncomfortable.  And because there is no incision or stitching, the recovery period is much, much easier, with less pain and fewer complications.  You might think a simple puncture couldn’t possibly be as effective as a traditional vasectomy.  Yet amazingly, the actual interruption to the vas deferens is exactly the same.  Meaning the no-scalpel vasectomy is entirely as effective as a traditional vasectomy.

If you’ve been considering a vasectomy, you now have nothing to be afraid of.  It’s really easy.

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