What is the purpose of a vasectomy?

The purpose of a vasectomy is to render a male infertile or unable to father children.

Why would one prefer the no-scalpel vasectomy and what is it?

The no-scalpel vasectomy is a simple technique used to perform a vasectomy in a less traumatic fashion.

What is the advantage to the no-scalpel vasectomy?

Because the no-scalpel vasectomy is less traumatic, it takes less time and it has been documented to decrease post operative complications and recovery time.

Is the no-scalpel vasectomy more expensive?


Do insurance companies pay for vasectomy?

Yes. Call the office with your specific information to verify coverage.

What is the cost?

Vasectomy is a minor procedure almost always done in office without general anesthesia. As such the cost is often surprisingly reasonable, especially when compared to tubal ligation or the ongoing costs of birth control pills. Call your doctors office and he will provide you with pricing (which by the way is almost always covered by insurance if you have coverage).

Does vasectomy affect sexual desire or performance?

No. Vasectomy does not impact hormones or performance in any way.

When can I go back to work, or when can I resume exercise?

All people heal differently. Many of our patients have their procedure on a Thursday or Friday and go back to work on Monday, even strenuous jobs. Most runners can resume a light workout after about 5 days.

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